Have you ever played an escape room? Maybe you have driven past an escape room company and wondered what all the hype was about. Maybe you have played a poorly executed escape room and left wondering why people would want to spend their time and money on this; or maybe you have discovered an excellent escape room that left you craving more. 

A good escape room is able to take you and transport you into the story. From the moment you walk in until the climax of the story you become a character in the action; the real world becomes a distant memory. However, all industries have both good and poor products and escape rooms are no exception. We know firsthand how amazing it is to be immersed in a good room. We have also experienced rooms where we left wondering why we spent our money there.  Whether you are wondering what this escape room thing is all about; or looking for a new favorite company, you can rely on the team at Know Escaping to have your back.

The aim of this website is to provide spoiler free – unbiased reviews of the escape rooms visited by our team. Using our site you can find a well designed room that matches your location, skill level, age group and interests. Our hope is that you can find the perfect room and come to love escaping as much as we do. 

We are a group of teachers who love visiting escape rooms in our spare time. The core players in our team have each logged over 100 hours in different escape rooms and have even had the privilege of beta testing for one of the local companies. Let us help you find your new obsession, you won’t regret it!