About Us

How did we get started? 

Puzzles and logic exercises have always been a hobby of mine, in fact some of my earliest childhood memories are of playing Bookworm, UpWords, Scrabble, and S’math with my mother. I am an avid reader and loved the opportunities to expand my horizons and put into practice the things that I had read about that day. 

Eventually my mother discovered escape room programs that you could download and play on your tablet. I was hooked! Over the course of time we completed hundreds of different games. The one downside was that they left us thinking “I wish someone would create one that you could play for real”. We had the dreams and plans to create a facility but lacked the time and resources to execute out plans. 

When I went to college I met most of our current team. I quickly discovered that we had many things in common including a love for out of the box thinking, puzzles and problem solving. One day a couple of us went looking for a birthday gift for one of the members of our team. What we discovered was a live escape room in Orlando, Fl. We were all thrilled with the prospect of experiencing an actual escape room; however, we were also apprehensive that it would not live up to the expectations we had set over so many years of dreaming. From the moment we entered the facility we were in awe over how well themed it was and the experience only got better from there. Since then we have played escape rooms as often as our schedules and finances allow. 


Why we chose to start a reviewing service

We have been obsessed with escape rooms since before they could be played live. However, we would be the first to admit that escape rooms can be a rather expensive hobby, especially if you are taking a family. 

We have all played games where we walked out wishing we had done, well… just about anything else with our time and money because they were so bad. We have played games that seemed like they would be great but quickly found they were far too intense for younger (or fainthearted) players.  We know firsthand how frustrating it can be when these things happen. If you happen to start out in one of these rooms it may even leave you not wanting to play again. We want to help you and your family to have the best experience possible so that you too can find the joy of escaping. 


Who do we work for 

We are a team comprised primarily of teachers who play escape rooms in our spare time. We do not make any money for reviewing, nor are we affiliated with any particular companies. This allows us to be completely honest and unbiased in our reviews. We simply want to share our knowledge and experiences with you.