Dream – Escape Artists – Orlando Fl.

You have been implanted into the dreaming mind of an infamous sociopath.  You must escape with the information in time, or the consequences will be catastrophic. A strange and thrilling multi-level dream world awaits you, full of bizarre and difficult challenges that increase in difficulty as you progress. Can you escape before time runs out?


Escape artists is located in a storefront in downtown Orlando. Plan to arrive a few minutes early because the parking is along the road rather then being a designated parking area for this facility. The facility itself was clean, well-kept and very attractive. We ended up running late after getting stuck in Orlando traffic and then searching for a place to park; however, the staff was very gracious. 

The gamemaster that we had was extremely well organized and friendly. He was not intrusive to our game; however, on the occasions when we needed a nudge, he was ready to jump in before we even had to stop and ask. 

I was slightly disappointed in the management of the facility itself. In the middle of our adventure we were met with a fire alarm which required us to evacuate until the issue could be resolved. At this time we discovered that our gamemaster was the only one working at the time. We were blessed to be the only players in the facility. However 1 person trying to run the front desk, answer phones, manage 3 simultaneous games and reset games for the next team could easily lend to some issues if there were more games booked at that time.



Have you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of others? Well today is your lucky day. Well… maybe not so lucky since you chose to enter the mind of a sociopath (of all people), and quickly realize that you are trapped. The only way to escape, travel through the levels of consciousness to reach the subconscious and convince him to free you. Sounds easy right? Did I mention that his mind is going to try to stop you? Ok, well… good luck 


From the minute you walk in the door you feel as if you are transported into a different world (or mind…) You enter through a bedroom. Even the room however, is a visual of his twisted mind. Grunge posters on the wall, furniture hanging from the ceiling… things that are familiar but not quite the same. This theme remained consistent throughout the game. It never crossed the line from strange into scary however there is one room towards the end that may be slightly disturbing to younger players. 


I hope you didn’t think that breaking into a subconscious would be as easy as walking right through… Oh yeah and the deeper into his brain you venture the harder he is going to make it to escape with said key information. This adventure through the brain was met with some locks and keys, combinations and a fair amount of tech. Everything felt well fitted to the story although there were a couple of tech pieces in the second room that felt very clunky and bordered on frustrating. One of the rooms also had an element that had us all groaning in frustration over a simple mistake I made while simultaneously admiring the genius of said puzzle. Some escape companies get caught up in the theme and fall back on the same type of puzzles over and over and over again, not here though. This room provided an excellent variety of puzzles along with varying the modes of solving. There were times when we were challenged but never to a point where we felt it was impossible to solve. 

Group recommendations:

We had a group of three players and it worked well for us. The majority of the rooms are spacious enough to easily accommodate 5 average sized players. As noted above there is one section of the game that may be slightly disturbing to younger viewers  ** Click to see why** At one point our host is dreaming of Disney World but not the Disney of childhood innocence. Creepy music, an animatronic rat whose body becomes the basis for a key puzzle and even a cryogenically frozen Walt are contained within the mind of this sociopath. 


Dream was a well thought out adventure with an excellent balance of traditional locks and tech. It’s Intuitive nature makes it easy to determine the next step in the adventure and its non-linear progression lends excitement and challenge to the game. The gamemaster that we met was one of the best I have encountered although that may not be your experience if they are not better staffed when you go. Overall Dream was an exceptional experience that I would highly recommend for fans of sci-fi themes.