Dungeon VII – Legends – Tampa FL

You find yourself in a Medieval European dungeon. No mercy will be given. Your team’s skills will be tested in order to escape your ill fate from the executioner. 


Many have been imprisioned, few have lived to tell the tale and even fewer have found freedom. 


From the minute you found yourself in the clutches of the infamous dungeon VII, to the moment you breathed your first breath of fresh air, or lost your head to the executioner, you are fully imersed in the story. The scenery is impecable and the challanges are exactally the type you would expect from a dungeon with a history for bloodshed and violence. There were no modern combinations or locks, the escape relied on skeleton keys with enough tech thrown in to keep it fresh. The dungeon flowed in a very nonlinear fassion, in fact one puzzle required us to pull elements from four separate rooms in order to solve it. There was one puzzle that was a major red herring and ended up causing our group some frustration as there were multiple points in the game when it made sense to use it but then never was used. there was also one puzzle in the last room that was a little dated and didnt work like it seemed it should. The dungeon was very intuitive, the majority of the time it was obious what came next. 




Size – 4

Parental Discression advised  

The jail cell that you start the game in is a little on the small side; however once you break into the main room the rest of the rooms are all fairly spacious, for a dungeon at least. Our group of 5 never felt uncomfortable with the size.  

The puzzles were very intuitive, however this led to only one puzzle at a time in play for the majority of the game. if you have a larger group there will be some times when people are standing around waiting for the other players to solve things so they have something to do. 

This room is set around a mideval dungeon, not the nicest of places. The first few rooms are rife with skelotons, rotting heads, skills hanging from the chandaleer… and several of the chalanges involve the players directly interacting with these props  There is nothing “scary”, nothing is going to pop out at you ar start making noises. However younger players may be disturbed by the blood and gore. We had a 12 year old in our group and she did not enjoy seeing that element of the room. It is also more dimply lit then other rooms to fit with the ambiance