Q: What is an escape room?

A: An escape room is a cooperative game in which teams of players are placed in a room and must work together to escape within the allotted time. The rooms follow a storyline and players solve a variety of puzzles to advance the story and work their way towards the climax. 

Q: What is the minimum age that can enjoy an escape room?

A: In general in order to successfully complete an escape room players need to be able to: interact with physical objects, follow a storyline, focus on a task at hand, read and comprehend short passages, unlock various locks, and work as a team. 

As long as a child is mature enough to complete the majority of these tasks he/ she will have a great time in many of the rooms and will be an asset to your team.

You can find some rooms that younger children will have a great time playing with the props even if they are not ready to fully experience all the room has to offer. A good example of this would be “Playground” at “The Escape Game”


Q: What should I wear to an escape room?

A: Whatever is comfortable. Escape rooms are a highly interactive experience. You will spend ample time on your feet, on the floor and even sometimes crawling through tunnels throughout your experience. 


Q: Do I have to play with strangers?

A: While there are some companies that require you to book the entire room to guarantee a private experience, many companies have switched over to private rooms after reopening from COVID.   


Q: Will I really be trapped?

A: Rarely will you come across a room where you are genuinely trapped. Most, if not all, States have laws that do not allow companies to actually lock you in, although if you choose to leave the time will continue to run. There are minor exceptions such as companies that handcuff you to a wall for a short period of time; however, they leave ways of getting out quickly in case of panic or emergency situations. 


Q: What if someone in my party has a physical handicap?

A: Most escape rooms are ADA accessible. While there are some rooms that have highly physical tasks such as crawling or climbing, most of them have an alternate way of getting through it for those who are unable to do so. If you have someone in your party who has a reason they may be unable to participate in a game we recommend you contact the company before booking. Game masters are often able to make modifications to the: lighting, scents, scare factor and mobility puzzles of the room; if they are aware in advance of these needs.